Ah, I'm Stefania, nice to meet you!

Open source and data science

My journey in the open source started consciously at the university using Linux distros (the first one was Red Hat), after some experiments my interest grew exponentially when I attended an hackaton ran by the Mozilla office in Berlin.

You can find more about my Mozillian journey in Italy too in here.

If you are in Turin please to a Rust MeetUp >

Other on-going projects

This is the a nice project hacking my MindWave (that is now getting older, poor thing!) started during a Mozilla Tech Weekend I helped co-creating and co-hosting:

Since last year I started studying data science on Coursera in R and Python, and after the fantastic PyCon 8 in Florence I kept my focus on Python studying mostly on DataCamp and watching PyData talks.

During a Open Source Sunday in Turin, I started this project exploring a NASA data set on the EVAs (Extra-vehicular activities):

Right now I’m using mostly Jupyter notebooks, I’ll publish some of them soon and update the projects above.