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The birth of a trilogy


Yes, I’m writing a book. I’m writing a trilogy to be honest. Why? OK, I need to tell you a story to get you through this.

About one year ago I had a dream, one of the best dream I ever had, and I remember my night dreams almost every morning. Being a multi-passionate soul definitely gave me a lot of satisfaction in the realm of the dreams, and that dream was the ultimate celebration of my passions, values, secret wishes and core battles.

I dreamed this intrigued adventure of conspiracies and mysteries, the latest discoveries in neurosciences and physics were in service of an higher cause, and each one of the protagonist had its own story and peculiarities. It was like watching a really great movie. I could not wait to see it again, and I decided to make a book out of it and eventually also a movie to finally be able to share the whole brain film.

After some days I remember I went to my friend house and told him the whole story, he was really into it and didn’t want to know the end, From that moment he’s waiting for my book to come out, thankfully I know he’s a nice and patient guy.

Some weeks after I had another dream that seems related to one of the character I had in mind for the book, and it was another story itself! I sent the new tale to my friend, and again another story was out.

I shared this two dreamy plots with other few people and I decided to merge the two stories in one. The time I was spending thinking about it, remembering details, creating new connections and expanding with new insights became a satisfying hobby itself.

There were two problems at that time, maybe three or more actually.

First of all I never wrote a book and my mother tongue is Italian, I just had a huge story that was coming out from me and for some reason I was writing it mostly in English (London never left my heart and I guess that’s also why I’m thinking with a British accent right now).

The second thing is that a while ago I wanted to write another book, and it’s quite important to me, it’s a message to society that I want to share with the world. So long story short my idea of my very first book became the sequel of the novel from the dream.

Anyway I needed to practice, I found out this nice MeetUp in Berlin called “Shut up and write”, you can image what I did in there, I wrote a lot and not only about the book itself. I edited the structure of the book, crafted the main protagonists, thought about the years of the events to make the story realistic and not have to deal with a 200-years-old character. With all those inputs the imagination run wild again. All the stories were harmoniously crossing each other and this braid of events leads to book about the beginnings came up. A third book, that’s a trilogy then!

Yeah, now it could be better to stop and calm down for a while, the creation process spread out and now I have to contain an impetuous stream of tales in one river of focused thoughts and words until I’ll reach the sea of three finished book, my dreamy ocean.

Where am I now? Well, let’s say is good that my friend have patience. I write for a whole morning than I stop for a week, I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night to write a cool scene to add, I forget I’m writing a book, I go back writing for an entire morning and the cycle continues.

From all this you can tell I have more persistence than discipline, and that I dream a lot. Both things are true, I’ll work on my discipline to get my dear trilogy fully readable for you, and my friend that is waiting.

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