Ah, I'm Stefania, nice to meet you!

Work with me

For anything below you can hire me or book a session by sending me an email at:

↳ contact at stefaniadelprete dot com

I’ll get back to you to set up an introductory call to go through all the details.

Right now I’m offering my services as:

  • Data Scientist: data analysis, data viz, machine learning (LinkedIn profile)
  • PhD student (I have to add this, you never know): researching on human time and space perception (in vision, dreaming state, movement), consciousness and its connections with physics, theoretical physics and the structure of reality
  • Private sessions or workshops to support your team, your personal study path, improve your mind abilities and physical health and to find true purpose in your life journey. You can read my journey with Movimento Arcaico (in Italian) in here

Why do I continue offering workshops and private sessions (basically on self-help and be soulfully productive) while I’m studying data science, physics and consciousness?

The answer is simple, I’m deeply grateful to see the positive transformations while my support shifts from a mentor to a cheer leader depending on the moment. So as long as I’ll have time I’m honored to share knowledge in well-being, or Maths and Physics, or inspire you and have a positive impact in your life. I love seeing the growth and improvement in the life of the people I worked with.

I started creating my own data base of cases and crafting more linear and scalable processes to share. With these data I get to know even more about human behavior, consciousness and hopefully spontaneous healing processes. So everything it’s connected and makes sense! Don’t you agree?

I’m making some other projects that will take ages to be done, so ’till then you’re definitely in time to pick up my brain and unstoppable commitment.