Hi, I’m Stefania Delprete and I want to push humankind forward in an effective, respectful and sustainable way, and enjoy the run. Do you want to join me?

At the moment I live in Italy where I work as a data scientist and tech tutor in TOP-IX and BIG DIVE organizer.
I’m involved in the local chapter of Effective Altruism, opensource events and community like Python/PyData, Mozilla and Rust, and the monthly MathsJam.

In the past I offered private sessions and workshops.
Due to the lack of time I can only take on board few new clients, please if you’re interested feel free to reach out and we’ll schedule a free 20-min call to discuss the best way I can help you to grow and improve.

Let’s stay in contact on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or write me an email to collaborate. 🙂